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The entire contents of this website are the property of Genomic Engenharia Molecular Ltda. and are protected by copyright. No part of this website, including all images and texts, can be reproduced without prior authorization by Genomic. Isolated parts of the texts or images can be copied provided that their source, Genomic Engenharia Molecular Ltda., is clearly obvious in all copies, or provided that their destiny is for entirely personal or educational use. All other use is strictly prohibited and may lead to civil and criminal actions. Authorization to use the website contents should be obtained by contacting Genomic.

Genomic is not responsible incorrect or inconclusive calculations resulting from typing errors or from submitting incomplete or insufficient information.
Those clients choosing to house their databases on our server are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their data and for updating their data as necessary. They are also responsible for controlling the access to the data by authorized personnel, such as their employees.

The username and password registered by clients are of their complete responsibility and should be appropriately guarded. Genomic Engenharia Molecular Ltda. cannot be held responsible for the incorrect use of the username and password by third persons. All registration information supplied by clients must be true and correct.

All client information supplied to Genomic is held in complete privacy and will not be passed onto any other persons, organizations or institutions. Only trained personnel of Genomic are authorized to have access to this information.

The relations between the GenomiCalc website and its users are governed by Consumer Protection and related legislation.

The prices listed on this website are subject to change; if necessary, users should consult Genomic to obtain updated information before starting a subscription.

Genomic has the right to refuse or withhold access to the website at any time and without prior notice to any user who ignores these Terms of Use or who undertakes actions in any form that could result in illegal activity.