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The calculation of likelihood ratios and of probabilities is essential in human identification and in parentage testing.

Since 1991 Genomic has been steadily acquiring the know-how thus enabling it to carry out probability calculations in complex cases where the alleged father is unavailable for testing. Consequently the company has stood apart from its competitors in being able to offer the additional services.

By partnering with statisticians from the IME at University of São Paulo and from the consultancy Supremum, and with financial support from FAPESP, we have created GenomiCalc, a website that provides complex statistical parentage calculations based on Bayesian networks. Consequently paternity testing laboratories can now outsource their complex calculations, and individuals such as lawyers can cross-check the calculations performed in other laboratories, simply and rapidly.


Users of GenomiCalc can do the following:

- Upload their own allelic and/or genotypic frequency databases and use these for all subsequent calculations.

- Upload directly the genotypic datafiles produced by the DNA sequencers, or manually input the data online.

- Calculate combined paternity index and probability of paternity for all family configurations.

- Calculate probability of maternity and conjoint probability paternity & maternity.

- Safely store their calculations on the server.


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For more information about the products and services, please get in contact with us by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by telephone 55 11 3288-1188.