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Home FAQs

1. The number of tests I wish to do online does not fit into any of the subscription plans that are offered, what can I do?

A: Contact us so that we can create a personalized subscription plan for you. Send us an email using the link Contact or telephone us on +55 11 32881188.
2. My monthly quota of tests has been used up, how can I carry out more tests?

A: You can do single individual tests. To do this, click on the option "Single Calculation" in Subscription Plans.

Remember that, if your usual demand for calculations does not fit into any of our subscription plans, please contact us.

3. What is the reason for doing the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium test?
A: The Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium test is done to see if a multiallelic genetic locus is in equilibrium. To do this the genotypic or allelic frequencies of the locus are submitted to the server for the calculation to be done.
To know more about this, click on Equilibrium test.  

4. I cannot map my sequencer data files, what should I do?
A: To map your sequencer data files, follow the detailed instructions given in Tutorial in the Menu. If you still have difficulties doing this, get in Contact with us.
5. I was in the middle of doing a calculation when something happened requiring me to disconnect from the server. Can I recuperate the data that I had already submitted to the server?
A: Yes, all data submitted relating to the participants will be available and saved.
To return to and continue the calculation click on Calculations – Visualize (on the test you had begun) and then click on Participants on the menu from where you left off.
6. I would like to restart the calculation, or I wish to exclude a marker, how do I proceed?
A: At any moment all the data can be removed and the process can be started from the beginning. To do this click on Begin. If a marker needs to be removed from the analysis, the data for that locus should be left blank for any of the participants and then this will done for the remaining participants automatically.

To correct any data previously submitted you should click on the name of the participant. To return to any previous stage of the calculation, click on stage shown on the menu above.
7. What are the calculations done by GenomiCalc based upon?
A: The main references are:
Dawid AP, Mortera J, Pascali VL and van Boxel D 2002. Probabilistic expert systems for forensic inference from genetic markers. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 29, 577-595.

Pereira CAB, Nakano F, Stern JM and Whittle MR 2006. Genuine Bayesian multiallelic significance test for the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium law. Genetics and Molecular Research 5, 619-631.
8. What happens to the final result if, at one of the loci, there is a mutation?
A: Using the male mutation rate for that locus, the Paternity Index is reduced accordingly.
9. How can I check my subscription account?
A: To examine the charges and payments made, go to My account, and then click on Statement.
To see or modify your account details, go to Subscription on the menu My account.
10. I would like to use my own allele frequency database in the calculations; how do I proceed?
A: Click on My account and then on Import frequencies. To upload your allele frequency database you should prepare an Excel spreadsheet exemplified by the file available on the “Import frequencies” page. This should then be saved as a Tab-delimited text file, selected, and then uploaded by clicking on Send file. You must have a Host subscription scheme to be able to do this.
To know more about our subscription schemes, click on Subscription plans.
11. Can I see the data submitted before finally calculating the result?
A: After defining the relationships between the participants in your test you will see a screen showing the names of them. Upon placing the mouse cursor over each name you will see the genotypic data for each individual. This is your opportunity to check and correct all the data submitted. Should you wish to edit the data, click on the name of the participant.
12. After generating the final result I noticed that some of the submitted was incorrect; how do I proceed?
A: Once the final result report is generated, the calculation is finished and it can no longer be changed.
13. Why is the final result produced by GenomiCalc different to that which I had already calculated using another method?
A: There are a number of reasons which could lead to small differences in such results. The calculations done on our server use Genomic allele frequencies and these are updated regularly as the database expands. The algorithms used by GenomiCalc could be different to those used by yourself. If mutations are involved, the male mutation rates used in the calculations could be different for a given locus.
However if the difference in the results is large and unexpected, the genotypic data of all the participants, and the relationships between them should be carefully reviewed.

If doubts still persist, please, get in Contact with us.